Fabric Softener Tip

In a one quart spray bottle put 3 Cups of water and 1 Cup of your favorite concentrated liquid fabric softener. Shake well.

When you’re ready to dry your clothes, just spray the mixture — 3 or more mist sprays — on the inside of the dryer and then toss in the clothes.

Works as well or better than fabric sheets, is environmentally sound, and can make a single bottle of fabric softener last as long as a year depending on how many loads you do in a month and how concentrated the softener is. You can use this along with the nuvo water softener to get even softer fabrics.

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3 responses to “Fabric Softener Tip

  1. I line dry but hate the crusty, crinkle feel of my clothes. So here is what I do. I wash as usual, line dry till they are almost completely dry. Then I throw them in the dryer for just a few minutes. If there are completely dry before I put them in the dryer, I spray a few squirts of water on them, just to lightly dampen them. Now, though, I think I will use this fabric softener trick instead of water.


  2. Better idea is to line dry! But this is good when it rains or you don’t have indoor dry racks.


  3. Very nice tip! I can hardly wait to give it a try for our family. I like the idea of not having the clothes saturated in fabric softener as well. Thanks a bunch!


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