Simple Craft Idea: Decorated Dish Towels

SUBMITTED BY: Cheryl in Ut

Made some cute dish towels for Christmas….

I bought smooth 100% cotton glass towels with colored threads running through them.  Then bought red, yellow, and black acrylic paints. I also bought a set of starter brushes for $2.00.

To make dish towels with Lady bugs, and bumble bees:

Make fingerprints with the paint. Red for lady bugs, yellow for bees.

Paint the front of the oval black for the lady bugs head, then a line down the back in black to seperate the wings. Then dots on it’s back, and four legs.

On the yellow ovals- paint 2 wings on each side, a tiny black area at the front with 2 antenia coming out. 2 zigzaggy stripes on the back and a tiny black v for the stinger.

Be sure you wash the towels and press them before you start. Run through the dryer before you put them in the wash to set the acrylic paint.

Or you can cut Christmas trees, hearts, snow men or anything you think you can cut out of potatoes. Then use the potatoe as a stamp and decorate dishtowels or stationary.  Or use stencils (in photo) or autumn leaves.

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