Gift Basket Ideas


Perfect Bath

Fill a basket with bath salts, oils, and a large natural sponge. Line the basket with a finger towel or fluffy hand towel. Add a great book or soothing CD, and don’t forget a baby-sitting coupon! Dress up baskets with bows, spray paint, and ribbon. Weave different colored ribbons into the weave of the basket. Glue ribbon around the edge of the basket, or you can also glue flowers, figures, or fabric to the sides. Get creative! I like to use Lucy’s Market gift baskets!


Fill the basket with the makings for a great Mexican meal. Add salsa, peppers, tortillas, and a variety of seasonings. Add a couple of Coronas or Dos Equis (for adults only).  Line the basket with a bright checked napkin, and finish with a raffia bow. Note: This can be done with any regional cuisine. Just fill with ingredients, add recipes if needed, and voila!

Mini Gift Pails

Clean and dry empty soup cans. Punch two holes opposite each other, about 1/2″ from the open edge. “Corkscrew” one half of an 18″ piece of wire (wrap it around a pencil). Insert the ends of the wire into the punched holes to form a handle. Spray paint the cans. When dry, use white glue to apply Christmas pictures cut-out from wrapping paper scraps or paint the child’s name. Fill pails with small toys and with candy.

Coffee Lover

Fill a basket with a mug or two, some flavored spoons and flavored creamers. Add some biscotti or shortbread cookies. Line with holiday colored paper napkins, and finish with a coffee-filter bow.


Load a basket with a romantic novel, bubble bath, candles, English tea with a delicate cup and saucer set and line with a lace scarf. Include incense and a relaxing CD, too.

Gift Pots

Tired of gift baskets? Try gift pots! Use large painted flower pots, filled with favorite items or a terrific plant. Terra cotta pots are easy to paint, take glue well, and can be decorated with ribbons or fabric.


Stuff a basket with new floppy discs, a picture mouse pad, fancy printer paper and a book of best web sites on the net.” Don’t forget a gift jar of flavored coffee creamer and a mug.

Teen Girl Beauty Basket

Fill a basket with a brush and cob set, scrunchies and other hair accessories, lightly scented body mists and a couple of teen magazines. Don’t forget to include a picture frame for her favorite teen idol.

Ideas for Boys

For a young boy, use a large plastic dump truck as a gift basket. Fill the bed of the truck with Hot Wheels cars, dinosaurs, army men and a Nerf toy – best toys for boys ever.

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