Thrift vs. Greed

Submitted by:  RJ

Thrift vs. Greed – just some thoughts…

Thrift conserves for the future.
Greed acquires for the profit.

Thrift makes things.
Greed takes things.

Thrift shares its knowledge.
Greed guards its secrets.

Thrift is self-sufficient.
Greed is self-centered.

Thrift builds pathways.
Greed builds walls.

Thrift is a scavenger.
Greed is a predator.

Thrift has a conscience.
Greed has no soul.

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4 responses to “Thrift vs. Greed

  1. I made a wordle based on the thrift part! Hope you like it Wordle
    and if that doesnt work, if you visit and search queen of string in the gallery, you’ll probably find it.


  2. I love it all except that I believe reasonable profit is reasonable. Yes, greed can make profit “unreasonable,” but it need not be so.


  3. Love this Awesome Truth! 😉


  4. love it!


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