Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month


Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month
by Deborah Taylor-Hough

The best-selling freezer-based cookbook — inspired by the original email resource for cooking ahead, The Frozen Assets e-Discussion Group.

This breakthrough cookbook delivers a program for readers to cook a week or month’s worth of meals in just one day by using easy and affordable recipes to create a customized meal plan.

Deborah Taylor-Hough, who saved $24,000 on her family’s total grocery bill during a five-year period, offers up kid-tested and family-approved recipes in Frozen Assets, plus bulk-cooking tips for singles, shopping lists, recipes for two-week and 30-day meal plans, and a ten-day plan to eliminate cooking over the holidays.
Cooking for the freezer allows you to plan ahead, purchase items in bulk, cut down on waste, and stop those all-too-frequent trips to the drive-thru. The hands-down authority on once-a-month cooking, Frozen Assets gives you a step-by-step plan to simplify and revolutionize the way you cook.
“Finally, a realistic way to combine the cost-effectiveness of cooking from scratch with the convenience of quick and easy meals!” -Mary Hunt, author of The Financially Confident Woman
“Belongs in every family’s kitchen! One of the best time – and money – savers a busy family can have.” – Gary Foreman of The Dollar Stretcher
“Offers relief to those tired of eating restaurant fare or expensive, over-packaged convenience foods at the end of a hard day.” – Library Journal

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  The attraction of frozen assets

Chapter 2:  Help! My freezer is too small and other frequently asked questions

Chapter 3:  A day in the life of frozen assets

Chapter 4:  The ins and outs of meal planning

  • Getting started with ease
  • Menu choice and planning for the trail blazers
  • Making a list and checking it twice
  • Shopping tips
  • Steps for a successful cooking experience
  • Freezing
  • Thawing, serving and power outages
  • Twelve additional cooking tips
  • Frozen assets preparation steps

Chapter 5:  The thirty-day meal plan

  • The thirty-day meal line-up
  • Shopping list
  • Preparation Plan
  • Recipes – Sauce over pasta, baked ziti, lazy lasagna, meatball sandwhiches, meatloaf, Salisbury steak, broccoli-ham bake, scalloped potatoes and ham, mix-n-match chicken soup, chicken broccoli and rice, sweet and sour meatballs, chili-day meatballs, chicken broccoli and noodles, mexi-chicken

Chapter 6:  The two-week meal plan

  • The two-week meal line-up
  • Shopping list
  • Preparation plan
  • Recipes – chicken curry, texas style chili, spaghetti pie, broccoli quiche, sloppy Joes, stuffed peppers, poor man’s casserole, black beans and rice, lentil-rice soup, east Indian rice ring

Chapter 7:  Ten-day holiday meal plan

  • Ten-day holiday meal line-up
  • Shopping list
  • Preparation Plan
  • Recipes – turkey dinner, broccoli and ham bake, turkey rice, Texas style chili, sauce over pasta, lasagna, easy taco salads, turkey noodle soup, turkey stuffed manicotti, baked ziti, ham and cheese quiche, holiday breakfast casserole.

Chapter 8:  More main dish dinner recipes

  • bulk spaghetti sauce, lazy lasagna, calzones, baked ziti, spaghetti pie, meatloaf, meatballs, Salisbury steak, sweet-sour meatballs, chili-day meatballs, East-Indian meatballs, East-Indian rice ring, Tomato-sauced meatballs, Meatball stroganoff, California meatballs, all purpose ground meat mix, tacos, taco potatoes, easy taco salads, stuffed peppers, sloppy Joes, Texas Style chili, poor man’s casserole, mexi-chicken, chicken casserole, chicken broccoli, chicken creole, turkey-stuffed manicotti, turkey rice, crab and swiss quiche, basic “use it up” quiche, quiche Lorraine, chicken elegante, quiche Nicoise, green chili and cheese pie, crustless “use it up” quiche, stuffed potato shells, broccoli ham bake, scalloped potatoes and ham, split pea soup with ham, lentil-rice soup, lentil ranchero, black beans and rice, Mexican noodle bake, beef and bean burritos, enchilada pie, pizza blanks

Chapter 9:  Breakfasts, lunches, desserts, mixes

  • Breakfast ideas and tips
  • Lunch ideas and tips
  • Dessert ideas and tips
  • Holiday breakfast casserole, McBreakfast, breakfast burritos, Mix-n-match quick bread, mix-n-match soup, Debi’s million dollar chocolate chip cookies, multi-purpose baking mix, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, shortcake, snack cake, dumplings, pizza crust

Chapter 10:  100 money-saving tips and ideas for groceries

  • General money-saving food tips
  • Saving strategies for grocery shopping
  • Food purchasing specifics
  • Breakfast ideas
  • Lunch tips
  • Dinner meal stretchers


  • Appendix A:  Foods that don’t freeze well
  • Appendix B:  Recipe equivalents
  • Appendix C:  Tips for singles
  • Appendix D:  Reducing fat in recipes
  • Appendix E:  Creative uses for freezer meals
  • Appendix F:  Recommended resources

Index and worksheets

  • Blank calendar for cooking plans
  • Add your own recipe pages
  • Blank shopping list
  • Recipe index by main ingredient

9781402218590 You can order your copy of Frozen Assets right now from by clicking here.  (Currently discounted – more than 30% off!)

Also available in Kindle format.


3 responses to “Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month

  1. Marilyn Weatherford

    Hello there just came upon your blog from Bing after I typed in, “Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month” or
    something similar (can’t quite remember exactly). In any case, I’m pleased I found it because your subject material is exactly what I’m searching for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I gather some information
    from here and I will of course credit you as the reference.
    Many thanks.


  2. Definitely buying this!!! At the moment I am just cooking double amounts and freezing them (I pretty much only have myself to cook for) but that only lasts me two weeks.


    • I find that by tripling recipes as I prepare them during the week (eating one tonight and freezing the other two), it’s super easy to get a stockpile of Frozen Assets with very little extra work.


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