A Simple Christmas – Day Two

cinnamon ornamentsDAY TWO

So, did you spend few minutes yesterday daydreaming about your fantasy Christmas?

As I’ve chatted with people over the years about their ideal holiday, several themes seem to be almost universal:  A harmonious connection with nature, reuniting deeply with family and friends, a spirit of love and affection, and some carefree time with laughter and fun thrown in for good measure.  If gifts appear in the fantasies at all, they’re usually simple, spontaneous and heartfelt … and not the center of the festivities.

Keeping in mind your fantasy Christmas from yesterday’s exercise, spend some time today contemplating these questions from the Unplug the Christmas Machine book:

1) Of all the ways your fantasy was different from your usual celebration, which difference was most satisfying to you?

2) Which parts (if any) of your fantasy would be most feasible to actually do with your own Christmas plans?

NEXT:  A Simple Christmas – Day Three – “What Are You Celebrating?”

If you missed earlier sessions, click to begin:  A Simple Christmas Workshop


Thoughts? Leave a comment! :-)

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