A Simple Christmas – Location, Location, Location


Another important aspect of holiday celebrations is the location of your festivities, and sometimes even on the view you have while celebrating.

For example, there’s something about the sight of boats decorated with
Christmas lights and reflecting off the water that says “Christmas Eve” to me like nothing else.  I think it’s because when I was little, my grandparents lived on Lake Washington and we had a view of that sight out their front window every year on Christmas Eve when we gathered at their house for our annual family dinner.

Ideally, if at all possible, I love to go out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant that’s right by a marina with decorated boats as the main view out of the restaurant’s giant windows.  Candlelight dinner … slightly dressed up … windows overlooking a dark dock with decorated boats.  When I identified how meaningful that particular view was to my holiday feelings on Christmas Eve, it took my adult celebration of the holidays from a bit lackluster to almost magical for me.

What location or view evokes holiday feelings in you?  Is there a simple way to incorporate that into your celebration this year?  If you can’t access the exact same location (my childhood home no longer exists and my grandparents moved from Lake Washington many years ago, for example), perhaps there’s something similar that might still trigger some of those same feelings and sentiments.  Spend some time thinking about it today.

If you missed earlier sessions, click to begin:  A Simple Christmas Workshop

Thoughts? Leave a comment! :-)

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