My Simple Frugal Daily Exercise Routine

So I’ve come up with a simple and very frugal way for me to get exercise right now while I’m having trouble with my hip when I walk, work with weights, or ride a bike. (And before someone suggests it, I don’t personally care for swimming in the wintertime–hate getting my hair wet when it’s cold outside.)

Anyway, I digress.  So my solution to the exercise situation: Dancing! I’m now having what I call Debi’s Daily Dance Party all by myself in my living room every morning.

The floor and carpet are nicely padded so it doesn’t aggravate my hip, it’s frugal since I already own the stereo and CD’s, it’s simple because I don’t have to go anywhere (or even get dressed!), and it’s super fun!  It sort of freaks out my cats, though.  😉

After half an hour of dancing to the Dropkick Murphys this morning (love me some Celtic punk), I felt the effects of a full aerobic/cardio workout.  And never even left the house (or got out of my jammies).

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some fun exercise and you love to turn the music up loud and move your feet to the beat, give a Daily Dance Party a try.  Play whatever music makes me you feel happy and makes you want to get up off your couch and MOVE!

If you have little kids, include them, too.  I have a friend whose morning exercise routine consists of dancing with  her two preschoolers to the Beatles every day.

I’m finding it’s such a wonderful way to start my day with a smile, a bounce in my step, the wonderful feeling of a good workout, and a tune in my heart. 🙂


Thoughts? Leave a comment! :-)

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