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A Simple Christmas Workshop

cinnamon ornamentsA couple of years ago, I put together a short online workshop on how to simplify your holiday celebrations.  I thought for those of you who may have missed it, you might want the opportunity to work your way through the simple thoughtful practices.

You can find Day One at the following link:

A Simple Christmas Workshop – Day One

I hope you find these exercises helpful.



Funding a Frugal Holiday Season


With the holiday season upon us, we often hear the familiar refrains of our favorite Christmas carols and seasonal music. But too many of us tend to sing different words to the familiar tune of Jingle Bells: Continue reading

Christmas Tree Poll

Inexpensive and Simple Holiday Ideas

63775_10152448562790824_9148084265558375089_nby Deborah Taylor-Hough

Since we’re currently in the midst of the December holidays, I chatted at length with Catherine Levison (author of A Charlotte Mason Education). We put our heads together to come up with simple ways to inexpensively add joy and meaning to our holiday celebrations, family times, and Christmas reading materials. Continue reading

I’m Dreaming of a “Green” Christmas

green-christmas-logo1If you’re considering how to have a more eco-friendly holiday celebration this year, here are a few simple tips to get you started around the house:

1) Decorate with nature.

If you need to trim back any bushes or trees in your yard, freshly cut evergreen boughs are always a beautiful and fragrant addition to your holiday decorating scheme. Also, berries (make sure they’re not poisonous in order to protect kids and pets!), pinecones, nuts and fresh fruit can be displayed throughout your house in festive ways. Continue reading