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Uses for Soap Slivers (or bathtub fun for kids)

SUBMITTED BY:  Betti-PA (who is not a soap welder)

All those soap slivers you made fun of me for saving last summer … (bathtub fun for kids). Even though DH threw out most of my soap sliver collection (can you imagine!?), I managed to salvage a quart Mason jar full of them. Continue reading


Using up bits and pieces of yarn …

I always seem to end up with little balls of mix-and-match yarn left over from scarves, hats, etc. For the longest time I never knew what to do with them, but now I sort them out into pleasing color combinations and then crochet them into little multi-colored lap blankets (my kids and cats love curling up with the blankets). I decided to make a slightly bigger one this time … but now I feel like I’m crocheting a full-size sleeping bag. 😉 Continue reading

Scented Cinnamon Cutouts (decorations)


Scented Cinnamon Cutouts (decorative, NOT edible)

Simple Craft Idea: Decorated Dish Towels

SUBMITTED BY: Cheryl in Ut

Made some cute dish towels for Christmas….

I bought smooth 100% cotton glass towels with colored threads running through them.  Then bought red, yellow, and black acrylic paints. I also bought a set of starter brushes for $2.00. Continue reading

Craft Dough Recipe