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10 Simple Steps to Conquer Problem Debt

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

IOU piggyIf you’ve identified a problem in the area of personal debt, you’ll need to set about remedying the situation. Here are easy steps to regaining financial control: 

1) Seek help. If you’re not sure how to proceed, or you’re feeling too overwhelmed to act for yourself, call a non-profit credit counseling program for advice and assistance in working with your creditors to set up a repayment plan. Consumer Credit Counseling Service has offices throughout the
US. Call 1-800-355-CCCS, for an office near you. You can also find information about debt problems from your local church, library or bank. Look for information on-line as well.
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Contentment Robbers & Thieves

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

piggy-bank-thief-1024x533A while back, someone told me that they were tired of being in debt and were ready to get their spending under control. But they were concerned about the fact that they still enjoyed spending money to pamper themselves. They were looking for inexpensive “luxury” ideas. Continue reading

Are You on the Road to Debt and Destruction?

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

b0a804ef35d32d037668b2edd449fe38Every year since 1996, over one million personal bankruptcies have been filed in the United States. The majority of these are the direct result of poorly managed consumer debt.

I was informed recently that outstanding U.S. consumer debt (non-mortgage related) totals much more than a trillion dollars. The most disturbing fact behind that staggering number is that thirteen percent of that one trillion dollar figure, or thirteen billion dollars, was delinquent. 

Thirteen billion dollars of delinquent consumer debt. Over one million personal bankruptcies each year. Are YOU on the road to debt and destruction, or ready to apply now for the financial help? Take this simple quiz and find out.  Continue reading