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The Secret to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

by Debi

2cb68861237c992dccdaf44e9627c1abThe biggest thing that seems to keep me from pursuing healthy eating habits or exercise routines for any significant length of time is personal time constraints. Busy, busy, busy. Like many people today, I don’t always have time to get home-cooked meals on the table regularly — much less take the time to actually prepare something nutritious and healthy. Continue reading


A Secret to a Relaxed Holiday Dinner

by Debi

snapCan you imagine a relaxed Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without needing to actually cook a turkey on the big day? You’d be able to enjoy the festivities as much as your friends and family!

Believe it or not, it’s possible to roast your turkey ahead of time and store the cooked meat in the freezer to reheat and serve on the big day. If this sounds a bit too much like eating leftovers, let me assure you that by following these simple freezing and reheating instructions, you’ll have moist, delicious turkey — and not one of your guests will suspect you didn’t spend the entire holiday slaving away in the kitchen keeping watch over a hot oven. Continue reading

A Simple Christmas Workshop – Day One

This year, I’d been planning on putting together an email workshop for simplifying the holidays and putting love and joy back into the celebration of Christmas. But I hadn’t planned on being so distracted by grad school, life, etc., this month.

So instead of a full workshop, I think I’ll just post some of the questions-for-thought here on the blog over the next few days. Feel free to tell your online and Facebook friends in case any of them would like to give some thought to how to make gentle and meaningful changes to the holiday season. Continue reading

Nature Gifts and Holiday Ideas

by Toni Albert
Guest Contributor

For me, the holiday season begins with a long, leisurely walk. Leisurely but not inattentive. I am paying close attention to anything that catches my eye (or nose) because of its shape, color, texture, fragrance, or interest. It’s a gathering expedition.

Continue reading

Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Shoestring

Submitted by: Debi

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner And just in case you’ve forgotten, it’s always celebrated on February 14th. (Now you have no excuse for ignoring it again this year.) Continue reading