Tater Tot Casserole (2 options)


Everyone’s Tater Tot Casserole is a little different, here’s ours:

  • 1 lb. gr beef, browned with 1 chopped onion, salt and pepper, drain
  • Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup, some cheddar cheese (the amount you like)
  • a drained can of green beans
  • Mix all together, place in 1-1/2 quart dish. Top with tater tots (to cover)
  • Cover, bake 45 min at 350.

Another Version:

  • Brown 1 1/2 lb hamburger (can add onion/garlic).
  • Mix hamburger with 1 can cream of mush soup and 1 can milk.
  • Spread in bottom of 9 x 13 pan.
  • Top with layer of sliced Velveeta.
  • Top with tater tots.
  • Bake uncovered per tater tot temp and time.

*We have tried it with golden mushroom soup.
*We’ve also tried it with shredded cheese instead of Velveeta

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I personally never use canned cream of anything soup (or Velveeta cheese!), but because people frequently write to me asking for a Tater Tot Casserole recipe (yes, it’s a bit ironic that people ask for this recipe from someone who has a life-threatening mushroom allergy), I thought I’d share Carrie’s two recipe variations.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry … healthier recipes on the way!  But I think Tater Tot Casserole is a true down-home comfort food for many folks.   🙂  ~Debi

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2 responses to “Tater Tot Casserole (2 options)

  1. We do tater tots on top and bottom and I like to mix into my hamburger, onion, crm mushroom soup mixture 2-3 cups of shredded cheese. Everyone loves this simple comfort food dish. And it freezes great. I always make 2 and freeze one.


  2. Reblogged this on Adri In Aly's Blog and commented:
    Sounds sooo yummy forsure going to try!!


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