A Simple Christmas – Your Childhood Memories

557757_10150830759832386_932313432_n (2)DAY FOUR

Here’s your next personal Christmas contemplation:

Take some time alone with your thoughts (at least five or ten quiet minutes) and think back to a favorite childhood memory from the holidays.

Conjure up a clear, distinct picture in your mind of the moment.

  • What made it special?
  • Why was it a favorite memory that stands out to you?
  • Who were you with?
  • What did you do?
  • Any special sights or sounds in your mental picture?
  • Any smells?
  • Or flavors?
  • Was it quiet or boisterous?
  • Crowded or solitary?
  • Was it actually on Christmas, itself, or just sometime during the general holiday season?

Take a few minutes to make notes about what you learned.

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If you missed earlier sessions, click to begin:  A Simple Christmas Workshop


Thoughts? Leave a comment! :-)

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