Quick Apple Ideas


Quick Apple Ideas

  1. Add chopped apples to rice prior to cooking.
  2. Add diced apples to homemade chicken salad.
  3. Saute’ thin apple slices until tender to serve over chicken cutlets or pork chops.
  4. Layer thinly sliced apple into turkey sandwiches.
  5. Stir diced apples into hot cooked oatmeal or other hot cereal prior to cooking.
  6. Add thinly sliced apples to cheddar cheese quesadillas.
  7. Fold grated or finely chopped apples into pancake batter.
  8. Dip apple wedges into fruit-flavored yogurt, or for a super indulgent treat dip into caramel or chocolate sauce.
  9. Add chopped apples to stuffing for turkey or chicken.
  10. Stuff apple and onion quarters into cavity of turkey or chicken before roasting.

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