Ten Family Ideas for Thanksgiving Season


Ten Family Ideas for Thanksgiving Season

1. Make a Thanksgiving Basket

Place in it items needed for a Thanksgiving meal such as cranberry relish, dressing mix, etc. Use your imagination. Give it to a family a few days before Thanksgiving who is experiencing financial hardship, illness, or just has been a special blessing to you over the past year.

2. Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

Begin with a pineapple for the turkey’s body. Insert long shishkabob toothpicks as the turkey’s feathers. On the toothpicks, place cubes of cheese, ham, olives, and other finger foods. Make a head for the turkey out of red construction paper and attach it with small toothpicks. Place your pineapple turkey on a large platter and surround him with a nest of crackers!

3. Make a Thanksgiving Tree

Draw a tree trunk and branches on poster board. Attach it to your wall or bulletin board at home. Ask your children to tell you things each day that they are thankful for. Write their thanksgiving thoughts onto leaves made from colorful construction paper. Allow your child to attach the leaves to the tree throughout the month of November.

4. Thanksgiving Object

Encourage each person to bring one object with them to the Thanksgiving dinner this year. This object should represent something they are thankful for. Let each person share what their object means to them, and why they are thankful.

5. Read a Book!

Go to the library and get books about the first Thanksgiving. Read them with your children or grandchildren, reminding them of our country’s heritage.

6. Thanksgiving Living

Ask “What is the difference between Thanks-giving and Thanks-living?”

7. Show Your Appreciation

Go around the table and have each one finish this sentence about the person on their right – “I appreciate you because…”

8. Use God’s Word

Choose Thanksgiving verses from the Bible. (Psalms has many.) Have children write them onto place cards. Have each person read their verse at the dinner table and try to explain its meaning.

9. Share a Family Story

Have Grandparents or other relatives share about a Thanksgiving they remember as a child.

10. I’m Thankful for YOU

Give each one of your children a letter or acrostic list with 10 reasons why you are thankful for them!

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